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...But be warned. This is a pro-ana website. That means that here, we veiw anorexia as a conscious lifestyle choice.. not a disease.
If you "suffer" from or are "battling" anorexia, and looking to "recover" please leave. Here we are not victims of a disorder. We are here to support eachother in continuing the lifestyle we chose.

What you will find here, is tips and tricks for leading the amorexic lifestyle, all collected from various sources. You will find "recipies" for dishes that LOOK to be high in calories, to keep parents, friends, roomates, etc, unaware of your true intentions. You will find excuses for skipping meals. You will fins thinspiration, and reverse triggers. You will find tips for overcoming a plateau. You will find advice and support for living the lifestyle you have chosen.


If you have any questions or coments, or if you wish to help with the maintainence of Anabuddy, feel free to